Sahara Elephant Fine Art Wearable
handpainted silk bags
Wearable fine art and wall art-- straight from nature, with classic design and whimsy... Let the materials speak themselves!

EcoPrinted Scarves, Jackets, Vests & Tops
is the process of
steaming natural
leaves and plants
in contact with natural
materials like silk and
wool for hours, then leaving it to sit for several days before opening to see what nature has gifted you with. Designed into scarves and clothing, they are beautiful, natural and elegant!

The same process creates botanical prints on archival watercolor paper. Not all leaves give us their gift, and not each plant that we harvested last year works this year. It is always changing, like Nature Herself!

Individually inspired, all designed and handcrafted of natural materials by the artist in her Bucks County studio. Journey inward with me, see what you can find here.

Jackets, Scarves                            
Wall Art &  Art Cards