Sahara Elephant silk coats & Jackets
Hand-dyed, eco-printed silk coats, jackets and vests. Silk is like nothing else and the idea of a topper or jacket of soft, drapey crepe de chine or crisp silk linen makes for an extraordinary artistic statement to wear! (and washable) Wearing such a coat could change everything!
Eco-printed, Handcrafted Silk Coats and Jackets
I have designed a group of coats and jackets, all hand dyed and hand sewn, using a number of types of luxurious silks and threads. Sizes run as small/medium, medium/large, and extra large. Since each design is individual and custom dyed/ecoprinted using leaves from my garden and local forests- they are magical! the coat in your choice of colors will be a unique artistic statement, unlike any other. Newest work is botanical leaves steamed on silk with added dyes.